Thursday, April 16, 2009

Learning to Crazy Quilt & Hand Embroidery

This is my first post and as I'm just learning from scratch how to crazy quilt and hand embroider, there isn't much to report!

As I've been practicing my stitches I keep wondering - isn't there anyone out there who is as new to this as I am? Someone who didn't already make sane quilts, or learn to embroider at their grandmother's knee? I can't find a soul to share the trials and tribulations of finding the correct needle, or comparing laughable practice stitches.

I have been lucky to find ladies on a forum list that are helpful to the max; but someone to share the stupid things I do (like ramming my thumb with the needle 100 times over!) would be good, LOL
Maybe at my age (and with the condition of my arthritic hands) I'm pipe-dreaming, but will continue to try. I promise to put up photos as soon as there is anything to show.

In the meantime, I'll post a photo of my dog, Bronny. She's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, 11 months old, tri-color. Bronny is my 3rd Pembroke. Annie (Angharad) was our first - another tri. Then we got Drewie-dog (Andrew). He was a sable. We also fostered a beautiful Cardigan Blue Merle show dog named Lara when we lived in Australia. Corgis are wonderful, smart, loving, funny dogs. For over 20 years we've laughed every day at our corgis. They are natural little clowns and know when they are making us laugh.

Back to CQ'ing. (yes, I get off-track alot) I'm gathering up a stash of fabrics, ribbons, laces, etc, and so far that seems to be the only part of the hobby I'm indulging in except for stitching practice.

I have learned the feather stitch, French knot, Herringbone and tried the Lazy Daisy but so far the daisies are not cooperating. Am also lending my hand to some ribbon embroidery.

Lesson #1 - pulling poly ribbons thru fabric is nigh unto impossible. Real silk ribbons are pretty much the rule for good reason - they like sliding thru the fabric more than the polyester ribbons.

I've also been making concertina roses. So cute! It's really quite calming to make them (read: no brainers). :-))

Hopefully all my blog posts won't be this boring...

....ciao for now ** PS - Earlier I said this was my first post. Well, it's my second. I'd written one before and thought it disappeared - found it in my Draft folder. I'll learn this blogging thing soon too. I hope! **

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