Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back to CQ'ing!

I finally found the nerve to play with color. Well, I guess perhaps it's not that nerve-y, for most, but admittedly I am still afraid of my block and the use of color. With good reason - on another seam on this same block I stitched some red lazy daisies which turned out a bit...erm, 'out there' shall we say?

Here I laid down a gold ribbon with a green cast to it and a perle size 5 thread called Color Variations Monet's Garden by DMC. I made tiny running stitches between the gold embroidered shapes in the ribbon.

When I've figured out what to do about those bright red, too large lazy daisies, I'll share ;).

I 've also finished piecing my 2nd (ever) block. I ran into
a bit of a quandary on this block because one of the pieces is too large. Not having a piece of fabric that would do for that corner, I decided to use one of my doilies to off-set it. I'm hoping once the block is embellished, it will look like that was the plan from the beginning.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have been practicing my stitches but don't have pics to show you yet, so I think this is a good time to introduce you to my furrbaby. This is Bronwyn, aka Bronny the Bonnie lil Lass, Beazie, Puppy Face and apparently 'Blue' as well because I just said the word 'blue' to the DH and she came running. Bronny is a red-headed tri-color Pembroke Welsh Corgi and she'll be 3 years old in May. She was born at T-bar Kennels in Prague, OK and is our 4th Corgi. My first corgi was a rescue named Bingo but I changed her name to Angharad (Annie) and she liked that much better. After all, a Welsh dog needs a Welsh name! She, too, was a red-headed tri. Our second corgi was Andrew, aka Drewie the Magnificent Corgi (a lovely sable), and our 3rd corgi was a foster Cardigan when we lived in Australia. She was a beautiful Blue Merle named Lara. When we moved back to the US life was no good without the thumpity-thump of a fat little corgi feet, so we got Bronny when she was 9 weeks old.

See the shawl like pattern coming around her shoulders toward her chest? Welsh folklore has it that those are the reins by which the fairies hold on when they ride the backs of the corgis. The black saddle on the backs of the tris and sables are the reason why I love the bold colored corgis best. The reds are pretty, but I adore the bold colors! Oh - please don't think badly of me for having her chained up - it was only to take her photo. She's a little escape artist so I had to secure her or these photos would have been of her bunny bum heading into the wide blue yonder.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Whooo hoo, new stash stuff!

Any crafter knows the delight of opening a package with new goodies in it. Today I received my order from Joann's and first thing I did was scan it to prove to you I really CAN use other colors than purple, lol. Well, I haven't used them yet but at least I bought them and I will use them on the new block I'm piecing. I promised you that you wouldn't have to look at purple forever and I intend to keep that promise ;)

I also bought bought 2 yards of muslin, much needed Chenille needles (sizes 18 and 22) and a set of looped needle threaders. Not sure how these work - I'll let you know. I decided to try these because I have a hard time handling the typical sized needle threaders. They are so light my fingers can't feel them and my eyes are not good enough to thread the needle threader....doh! But - such is life and we have to figure out a way around these obstacles.

I'm still looking for friends who are new to embroidery. I seem to have two types of friends - those who don't embroider at all, and those who have been doing it for many years. It'd be fun to have someone to share the trials and tribulations with.

Thanks for stopping by,


Friday, April 8, 2011

My block is becoming a sampler

My block has no real rhyme nor reason to it but as it's my first block and I need to learn to embroider and embellish, I suppose it doesn't really matter. Just sort of wish I'd followed MamaDi's suggestion to use less lavish fabrics. It would have been easier and cheaper to use cottons. Here are a few of the stitches I've applied to it recently:

Top photo: From upper right-hand corner: Silk Ribbon Embroidery white spider's web rose and pulled ribbon floss; lower down on the right of the basket is a meandering chain stitch and above that is a double chain stitch, fly stitches (in green) on the vertical seam above that and to the left of them is a free style combination of detached chain, lazy daisy and straight plus back stitches and above that are fly stitches.

Bottom photo: Upper right at top-Fly stitch, variety of straight and detached chain stitches, straight and fly stitches in metallic (this is supposed to be a spider's web...guess I better practice more!), then a basket of fuschias in silk ribbon embroidery, a few French and Colonial knots around it. To the left of the basket on the bottom is an interlaced running stitch (using pearl cotton and ribbon floss) with beads; and above that the tete-de-bouef stitch.

As I was doing these stitches I started hankering for more thread colors so I took advantage of a great sale at Joann's and ordered a really big variety. You won't have to look at purple/purple and purple much longer. ;) I already have many 6 strand cotton flosses and overdyed 6 strands but I love the ease of using the pearls. It's easier to wield the larger needles thicker threads with my arthritic hands. They (the hands) just don't want to work with the smaller gauge threads...matter of fact, I can't even 'feel' them between my fingers.

I hope if you're new at embroidery and crazy quilting that you will join me in not giving up when things don't look as splendid as you'd hoped. We just need to keep practicing!

Til another stitch,