Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back to CQ'ing!

I finally found the nerve to play with color. Well, I guess perhaps it's not that nerve-y, for most, but admittedly I am still afraid of my block and the use of color. With good reason - on another seam on this same block I stitched some red lazy daisies which turned out a bit...erm, 'out there' shall we say?

Here I laid down a gold ribbon with a green cast to it and a perle size 5 thread called Color Variations Monet's Garden by DMC. I made tiny running stitches between the gold embroidered shapes in the ribbon.

When I've figured out what to do about those bright red, too large lazy daisies, I'll share ;).

I 've also finished piecing my 2nd (ever) block. I ran into
a bit of a quandary on this block because one of the pieces is too large. Not having a piece of fabric that would do for that corner, I decided to use one of my doilies to off-set it. I'm hoping once the block is embellished, it will look like that was the plan from the beginning.

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