Saturday, April 11, 2009

Can't sew or embroider but learning to CQ!

Crazy Quilting is the perfect craft for me. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for wanting to make a quilt when I've never made a 'sane' quilt, can barely sew, and don't know how to embroider! If that 'ain't' crazy, I don't know what is!

But undaunted, I am forging ahead with the help from the lovely ladies on two forums: CQForNewbies and CrazyQuilts.

I picked up one of (what I believe) the most valuable tools I could start out with. Judith Baker Montano Teaches You Crazy Quilting DVD. (no affiliation). It's a great little DVD and has taught me alot.

I'll be adding photos as I can but for now have nothing to show. I refuse to show my practice stitches because I don't want you to hurt yourself falling off your chair in hysterics. Suffice it to say I'm struggling thru the French Knot and Feather Stitch this weekend.

..caio, Di

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