Saturday, May 2, 2009

And more gifts! This time from Stash Angel Rose Anne

Fabric & Trims from
Stash Angel
Rose Anne of Winnipeg, Manitoba

What a delightful surprise awaited me in my mailbox again today! I am truly blessed with the most generous new friends since joining the Crazy Quilting world!
Above is a scan of a few of the beautiful fabrics Rose Anne sent me as a gift and below is a scan of the trims she sent me to help me get started in this new (to me) craft. I'm not very good at scanning and have yet to figure out how to make some satins and pale fabrics come out nicely on the scanner, so you'll have to trust me when I say the fabrics I couldn't scan are to die for.
I'm particularly tickled over the beautiful threads and tatted motifs because those are the first I've ever owned. Just like when Connie sent me my first beads, when I saw those threads and motifs I was so touched!
I can't wait to use everything as I learn to crazy quilt.
Thank you Rose Anne!
~ Di


  1. What a wonderful bunch of coconuts Connie and Rose Anne have bestowed upon you! Your friends at StitchMap must really care about your success in learning CQ. Congratulations on taking the first step by joining and asking for a mentor! We love you.

  2. Love that polka dot fabric! What fun!

  3. Thanks Shari and Amy!

    Love you too Shari! The apprenticing thing is going well very for me. My mentor, FiberDi, hasn't complained yet of me driving her crazy, so I guess it's going well for her too, bless her heart!

    Amy - yes that fabric is also gorgeous in real life. The dots are embroidered on! It's not just a print. Very pretty. (PS - love you too Amy, LOL)

  4. You are very welcome Dianne!!! I'm so glad what I chose is to your liking too. The heart and flower are both that I crochet, but my first tatting class starts Thursday so who knows maybe I'll have with practice some tatting goodies to share too! ENJOY!!!