Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finally - My First Block is Pieced!

This is the middle portion of my first Crazy Quilt block (can't get it all on the scanner). As yet it's not embellished. The photo above shows what is called 'auditioning'. I have placed the green floral braid and the lavender silk flower on the block to see how I like the effect before I sew them down.

As I learn to embroider and make my own silk flowers, I'll be adding alot to this block. This particular block was done in satins, silks and velvets. As you can see - in the purple 'colorway' (a fancy way of saying 'all in purples and hues of purples'.)

If you are interested in learning to Crazy Quilt, don't be put off by how long it takes me to accomplish piecing and learning. I have a few obligations that keep me from getting to it as often as I'd like to and you would probably get it done much faster. It is really fun and very satisfying!

Ciao, Di


  1. Di, Wow I love the purple! I really like that color green with the purple! WOW! You are off to an AWESOME start! Lyn G

  2. Thanks Lyn :-). That green really bounces against the purple doesn't it?! ~ Di

  3. Baby Di, I miss talking with you and besides you made me laugh and have fun! Email me sometime...I don't have yours.